Watertown’s snow removal crews ready for what Mother Nature has to offer  (Audio)

February 21, 2023
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–This is going to turn into a very busy week for folks in the snow removal business, with many areas getting over a foot of snow and drifts much higher than that.

Rob Beynon is the superintendent of Watertown’s Street Department, and oversees snow removal within the city limits…

That might not happen until late Thursday or into Friday.

It’s likely that snow removal crews will be dealing with drifts five or six feet high, but Beynon says they’re ready…

Its been a quiet stretch for snow removal crews over the last month or so, but this storm will be a game changer in that regard…

Beynon has been on zoom calls with the National Weather Service over the past few days to get the latest weather information. He says it helps them set up a game plan for when exactly they’ll be needed….

Tomorrow is when things go from bad to worse. A Blizzard Warning goes into effect at noon. That’s when the combination of wind and snow will make travel very difficult, if not impossible.