South Dakota’s “Freedom Works Here” campaign surpasses 2,000 applicants

July 2023

PIERRE, S.D. – Over 2,000 people have applied to find career opportunities in South Dakota thanks to Governor Noem’s “Freedom Works Here” national workforce recruitment campaign.

“The enthusiasm from folks looking to move to South Dakota has just blown us away,” said Governor Noem. “With the lowest unemployment in American history and open jobs to spare, we’re ready to welcome anyone who wants to move to our state. We are connecting our businesses in need with folks who are really excited to join our South Dakota family.”

South Dakota has received at least 100 applications from each of the following states: California (345 applications), Texas (168), Florida (158), and New York (100). We have also received applications from within South Dakota (76) and from other countries. The Freedom Works Here campaign is helping lifelong South Dakotans and new residents alike. A map showing where applicants are from can be found here.

The State of South Dakota is actively reaching out to these applicants to connect them with Job Services Specialists who can assist them with a one-on-one job search. Thousands of calls have already been made to these applicants to keep the enthusiasm going.

The ad campaign has been hugely successful. The initial increase in page views to was 1,035%. The contact form for applicants had an 81% conversion rate. The ads have received 92,975,000 total nationwide views.