South Dakota lawmakers wrap up session today with Veto Day in Pierre

March 27, 2023

Mike Tanner

PIERRE, S.D.–The 2023 South Dakota legislative session officiall comes to a close today as its Veto Day at the capitol. It gives lawmakers an opportunity to override any vetoes issued by Governor Noem.

The governor has vetoed only a small number of bills this session, and in order for the Legislature to overturn those vetoes, a two-third majority is required in both the House and Senate.

The governor has already signed the budget bill that funds state government, and she has signed off on a tax cut of three tenths of one percent in South Dakota’s overall sales and use tax. It’s going from 4.5 percent to 4.2 percent, but will sunset in four years.

Governor Noem was hoping the Legislature would approve a bill to completely eliminate the 4.5 percent state sales tax on groceries, but that did not occur.