Sioux Falls man sentenced for firing gunshots into group of people, injuring one

December 6, 2023

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.–A Sioux Falls man who fired bullets into a group of people and hit one man in the leg has been given his sentencing.

Lydelle Turner was sentenced to 40 years in the South Dakota State Penitentiary with 10 years suspended for an incident that happened back on July 30th, 2022.

That morning, Turner fired shots into a group of people in the parking lot of 307 South Summit Avenue, which is near La Tapatia Mexican Store & Restaurant in central Sioux Falls.

Turner hit one man in the leg, but the man’s injuries were non-life-threatening. Turner then drove around the block and fired 23 more shots at the same area, striking four vehicles.

Turner was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault and four counts of discharging a firearm at an occupied structure or motor vehicle.