SDSU targeted by phone calls threatening attack

January 24, 2024

BROOKINGS, S.D.–A Tuesday morning phone threat at South Dakota State University led officials to issue a campus-wide “timely warning.” It was later determined the call originated out of state.

At about 10:31 am, an anonymous phone call was received by SDSU threatening to carry out an attack on the campus. Additional phone calls were also received making non-specific threats.

Officials issued the warning and asked people on campus to be aware of their surroundings and, “if you see something contact university police.”

After an investigation, and with the assistance of additional state law enforcement resources, evidence indicates the threat originated from outside of the state of South Dakota.

SDSU Police Chief Tim Heaton notes there have been a large number of hoaxes perpetrated against a variety of schools and public institutions in the United States in
recent months. They’re often referred to as “swatting” calls.

University police increased their presence on campus and will continue to closely monitor any and all active threats against the university community.