SD lawmakers looking at new ways to publish legal notices  (Audio)

January 24, 2024

PIERRE, S.D.–As traditional newspapers have cut staff, pages, and even days of publication, upstart new South Dakota media companies have started filling the news hole left by those legacy publications.

Tangible evidence of that technological change is in the Senate’s 33 to 0 passage of Senate Bill 75 Tuesday.

It allows non-traditional news media like The Dakota Scout and others to print legal notices from cities, counties, school boards, and other governmental units–if they meet specific criteria.

The publication must have at least 200 paid online subscribers and distribute a print edition at least once a week for at least 50 weeks per year, with a circulation of at least 500 copies.

It doesn’t matter if the print product is available to the public for free or by paid subscription.

Republican Senator David Wheeler from Huron, the bill’s sponsor……

The bill now heads to a House committee for further consideration.