Sanford doc says don’t be surprised if Omicron variant found in the U-S soon


FARGO, N.D. (Prairie Public)  A doctor from Sanford Hospital in Fargo says he would not be surprised if the Omicron COVID variant is discovered in the U-S before the week is over. Doctor Doug Griffin is Vice-President Medical Officer with Sanford-Fargo. He says while there are still more questions than answers regarding the variant, the nation and the world has become very efficient at detecting and analyzing the virus. Griffin says this is not the first variant we have dealt with so the main thing at this point is to not generate panic and let medicine and science work its course…

Griffin says the news of another variant may be upsetting to some – especially as we begin the holiday season. But he says we may not need to change the plans we have made — if we take the right approach.

As of Monday (11-29-21), the 20 hospitals that make up the Sandford Health Network, were reporting 227 people hospitalized with COVID-19. 204 of those individuals were not vaccinated. 67 people were in the ICU. Only three of the 67 had taken the vaccine. 53 individuals were listed as being on a ventilator. 51 of the 53 were unvaccinated.