Noem unveils “Back To Normal” plan, saying it “puts the power in the hands of the people”   (Audio)

April 28, 2020
Mike Tanner

PIERRE, S.D.—South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem unveiled her “Back To Normal” plan today, as the state prepares to get back to what will be a new normal from the COVID-19 pandemic.


The governor made it clear at a press briefing that her plan will not include any mandates or new programs from state government, but rather, it puts power into the hands of the people, where the governor says it belongs..…..


Noem says the people of South Dakota will be able to make their own choices going forward, while getting guidance from state government….


The governor has closed schools for the remainder of the academic year, but her “Back To Normal” plan suggests a limited return to in-person instruction to check in with students before the school year ends…..


Lastly, the governor says COVID-19 is an unpredictable virus, and she won’t hesitate to take action on a county-by-county basis if needed…..


State Epidemiologist Dr. Joshua Clayton displayed a slide showing South Dakota’s new projected peak of coronavirus cases is still expected in mid-June, but it will require 300 fewer hospital beds, just 2,200, compared to 2,500 in the prior model.  

You can read the governor’s “Back To Normal” plan by clicking here: