Noem stops by KWAT to discuss Ravnsborg impeachment vote  (Audio)

April 21, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Governor Kristi Noem has not minced words throughout the potential impeachment of Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, and she was very outspoken again today on that topic when she visited the KWAT Studios….

Noem says there’s a misperception among some people that the consideration of impeachment is determining criminal negligence.

But that’s not the case…

The South Dakota House voted to send impeachment proceedings to the Senate, which will take up the matter June 21st and 22nd.

A two-thirds vote is required in the 35-member Senate to impeach Ravnsborg and remove him from office.

Ravnsborg was at the wheel of car when he struck and killed a pedestrian just outside Highmore in September 2020.

Joining Noem in Watertown today was state legislative candidate Stephanie Sauder of Bryant (pictured). Noem is endorsing Sauder in this year’s District 4 legislative race.