Noem camp alleges campaign violations by Democrat Jamie Smith

October 25, 2022

PIERRE, S.D.–A new twist in South Dakota’s race for governor with Election Day just two weeks from today.

On Monday, the Kristi Noem for Governor Campaign issued a press release saying her Democrat opponent, Jamie Smith, violated campaign finance disclosure laws, and called for an immediate investigation.

The Noem campaign alleges Smith committed 33 pages of campaign finance violations by failing to itemize his contributions.

Smith (pictured) allegedly failed to include the mailing address, city and state of each person making a contribution of more than $100.

Governor Noem’s communication director Ian Fury said, “It seems that Jamie Smith’s campaign illegally deposited more than half-a-million dollars in contributions.”

Smith says it was a clerical error that has been corrected, and that his campaign has been transparent.