Mt. Vernon arrested on four DUI’s in six months in sentenced

March 1, 2024

MITCHELL, S.D.–A Mount Vernon man who racked up four DUI’s in six months pleaded guilty to two of them on Thursday.

Forty four year old Cory Cumings was sentenced to a total of 203 days in jail. 150 days were suspended, and Cumings was given credit for 30 days served already.  That means he will serve a total of 23 days.

Cumings, who owns Mitchell Roofing and Siding, was granted work release. His driver’s license was also revoked for one year.

Other misdemeanor charges against Cumings in Davison County were dismissed.

Cumings still faces charges in Aurora County, including three felony drug charges and two misdemeanors, after his home in Aurora County and business in Mitchell were raided by federal authorities in December.