LATC gets green light to solicit bids for “Archway Project”  (Audio)

March 14, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–The next major construction project at Lake Area Technical College (LATC) is about to go out for bid.

On Monday night, the Watertown School Board gave LATC President Mike Cartney the okay to seek bids on the, “archway project.”

Cartney says it’s a $16.2 million dollar construction project that will include a walkway over Arrow Avenue that will link new buildings on either side of that street….

The Legislature passed a bill that funds $7.5 million of the construction costs. LATC will cover the rest, some of which will be through private donations. 

Cartney says construction will begin this summer, with an expected completion date in the fall of 2023.