KWAT’S Outdoor Report for week of September 20, 2021

Aberdeen Area

Fishing Report
Richmond Lake: Anglers have been catching white bass, perch, and walleye. Fishermen are having good luck using a bobber and a plain hook baited with worms or minnows.
Elm Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye, northern pike, crappie, and perch. Anglers fishing from boats, pulling spinners with live bait have had the best luck. The south boat dock and handicap fishing pier have been pulled. The water level is too low to use these docks.
Mina Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye, northern pike, bluegill, and perch.

Hunting Report
Canada Goose: Hunters have been having luck hunting over water and cut wheat fields.
Mourning Dove: There are good numbers of doves in the area. Hunting in the harvested wheat fields or stock dams will provide some good hunting opportunity.
Archery Deer Season: Is open for residents, eligible nonresidents cannot hunt public land until October 1st the deer appear to be moving around during the morning hours.

Clark County

Fishing Report
Dry 2: On the lake walleye and perch are being caught slow and steady bite.
Indian Springs: Slow on the bite for walleye and perch.
Reid: Anglers report not too shabby when fishing for walleye with an occasional perch.

Hunting Report
Canada Goose: Is in full swing, hunters are struggling a bit, while local geese are starting to move out of the area. The geese are mostly concentrated in the eastern half of the county.

Codington County

Fishing Report
Goose: Fishermen are primarily catching walleye from the boat, as the weeds make shore fishing difficult. The walleye continues to be 14 to 16 inches, with a few over 20 inches being caught as well.
Kampeska: Fishing has remained consistent over the past couple weeks. Fishermen pulling the center of the lake are finding a few walleye and perch, while other fishermen are still reporting a mixed bag of fish.
Pelican Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Blythe Slough: Little fishing pressure.
Long Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Dry Lake: Little fishing pressure.

Hunting Report
Mourning Doves: Doves have begun to move out of the area.
Canada Goose: Still seems to be a decent number of geese in the fields.
Archery Deer: The rut is not of season yet; the deer are still somewhat elusive.
Canada Goose: Hunters are seeing some positive numbers yet, in the fields.

Day County

Fishing Report
Waubay: The walleye and perch bite continues to be up and down.
Bitter: Anglers are finding a few perch and crappies; the walleye bite continues to be day to day.
North Rush: Anglers are experiencing heavy fishing pressure starting mid-morning through the day for perch. Anglers are having the most success vertical jigging.

Hunting Report
Canada Goose: Minimal hunting pressure; with an abundance of geese present.
Mourning Doves: The numbers are still very good; if you want to have a successful hunt you must put some time and effort into scouting.

Hamlin County

Fishing Report
Lake Poinsett: Fishing has begun to pick up this last week. The best reported times have been early in the morning; anglers are landing walleye, perch, crappie, and northern pike.
Three Buck: This week not much activity was observed, but the folks who were out fishing did have good luck.
Lake Albert: Fishing pressure has been slow. An occasional walleye is being caught.
Clear Lake: Fishing has been slow. Little to no fishing pressure.

Hunting Report
Canada Goose: Hunting pressure has been minimal. Cooler weather continues to aid in patterning the geese as they make way for the harvested small grain fields and silage fields.
Mourning Dove: The doves that remain can be found in small grain fields, tree lines, and around silage piles.
Archery Deer: Deer movement is slow but will increase once the rut comes into season.

Marshall County

Fishing Report
South Buffalo Lake: Anglers found a few bluegill, walleye, and northern pike.
North Buffalo Lake: Little to no activity.
Piyas Lake: Good walleye bite, with a few perch mixed in.
Opitz Lake: The past week the walleye bite has been good.
Cattail / Kettle Lake: A few walleye and northern were caught this past week; but the overgrown vegetation proves to be a hinderance.
Clear Lake: Little to no activity.
Roy Lake: Slow bite, but anglers found a few bass and northern pike.

Hunting Report
Canada Goose: Hunters had good luck finding birds however, the birds are hard to pattern with harvest starting.

Parks Report
Pelican Lake Recreation Area: The 3D targets are now up at the archery course! These are a different option to shoot and help get ready for this fall’s adventures! A park entrance license is required to shoot the archery range and course. These can be purchased at our new self-service kiosks at the entrance booth.
Hartford Beach State Park: Don’t forget to get ready for this fall’s hunting seasons at our new archery range and course! The range offers targets from 10 to 50 yards to get bows sighted in. We also have wood targets set up for anyone that wants to try axe throwing. The 28-target walking course winds through some of the parks wooded areas for different challenging shots. Hartford Beach also has miles of scenic trails, a disc golf course, and great picnic spots.