KWAT’s Outdoor Report for week of May 10, 2021

Aberdeen area

Fishing Report
More anglers are venturing out to local lakes as the weather continues to improve. Anglers have been seen having success with the recent temperature warm up.
James River: Fishing pressure and success have been picking up. Anglers have been having very good success catching northern pike. Anglers are also having success catching catfish, and the occasional walleye. The water levels remain significantly lower than previous years, making it tough for anglers.
Mina Lake: Fishing pressure has increased with the warm weather. Anglers have been having success catching a few walleyes during the early morning and evening hours. The last 45 minutes of the daylight have proven to be the most effective.
Richmond Lake: Fishing success has increased as the water temperatures have started to rise. Anglers are reporting the best success during the early morning hours and during the last 45 minutes of daylight.
Elm Lake: Not much fishing activity has been observed. Expect fishing activity to pick up as temperatures increase.

Clark County

Fishing Report
Dry 2: Walleye bite has been tough for another week.
Dry 1: Walleye bite has slowed down.
Indian Springs: Walleye bite has been slow. No dock in yet.
Reid: Walleye bite is slow.
Swan: No activity to report.

Codington County

Fishing Report
Goose: Fishermen continue to catch a few walleye from shore and boat. Most of the walleye are in the 14-15-inch range, with a few over 20 inches being caught as well.
Kampeska: Fishermen are catching different varieties of fish from walleye, crappies, northern pike to white
Pelican Lake: Fishermen are catching a few walleye and northern pike.
Blythe Slough: Little fishing pressure.
Long Lake: Boaters have been using the new ramp in the NW corner of the lake. Some nice walleye have been reeled in.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Birds are still spreading out and hunters are having some luck, calling in and seeing Toms by themselves.

Day County

Fishing Report
Waubay: The bite is on at Waubay anglers are landing 14” to 18” walleye.
Bitter: Anglers are testing their luck and rolling in average size walleye.
Blue Dog: The bite for walleye is hit and miss as of now.
Rush: Spotty luck with reeling in walleye and northern pike.

Hunting Report
Turkey: If you’re willing to scout and patiently wait you should have a successful harvest.

Hamlin County

Fishing Report
Poinsett: The bite for walleye is starting to produce good results, crappie and perch bite has been pretty good as well. Sunset as of now seems to be when the bite is on. Overall fishing is very good.
Lakes Mary; Norden; John: Fishing has been slower on these bodies of water.
Clear Lake: The bite is steady, right before dark anglers are having good luck, the landed walleye are small.
Three Buck: A few walleye have been caught from the shore. Sunset seems to be the time for the bite on this lake. Fishermen need to be mindful of property rights when accessing the lake for fishing.

Hunting Report
Turkey: The flow of hunters has been steady. Hens are starting to nest; hunting has been moderately successful.

Marshall County

Fishing Report
North and South Buffalo Lakes: Activity is slow.
Cattail and Kettle Lakes: It’s a slow go, with an occasional walleye being caught.
Opitz Lake: The walleye bite is a little livelier, and the perch bite is sluggish.
Roy: Slow bite on walleye; but an occasional bass is being caught.
Clear Lake: Producing an occasional walleye and a few bass.
West Stink: Anglers are finding a few walleye.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Turkey action is very good since most hens have mated and nesting, which makes calling Toms easier.

The upcoming weather looks great to get out for some hiking, fishing, and early season camping! Comfort stations and other water facilities are opening at our state parks. You can follow facilities openings on each parks Facebook page.

Pelican Lake Recreation Area: Things are warming up! The park is in good shape, the dock and fishing dock are in, the trails are looking great with lots of birds and critters out and about, and we are turning the dump station back on! For more updates on facility openings please follow our Facebook page at “Pelican Lake, Sandy Shore, and Lake Cochrane Recreation Areas”.