October 7, 2020

(UNDATED)–It’s Fall and that means it’s prime season for animal collisions for drivers.

According to a new State Farm Insurance study, most animal-related crashes in the U.S. occur from October to December.

While most collisions are with deer (67%), many other animals followed closely behind such as dogs, cats, and farm animals.

South Dakota drivers rank 4th in the nation for animal collisions, including deer, dogs, and farm animals.

South Dakota drivers have a 1 in 53 chance of colliding with an animal while driving, which puts the state 4th highest in the nation.

Nationally, the month of March saw a 20% decrease in reported industry claims due to less drivers on the road.

Top 10 Risk States:
1. West Virginia
2. Montana
3. Pennsylvania
4. South Dakota
5. Michigan
6. Wisconsin
7. Iowa
8. Mississippi
9. Minnesota
10. Wyoming