Elkton teacher, superintendent preparing to step down after sex offender was invited speaker at school

April 26, 2024

ELKTON, S.D.–Elkton School Superintendent, Brian Jandahl, and a teacher are preparing to step down after it was announced earlier this week that a sex offender was invited to speak at a school.

The district met on Wednesday night to discuss the incident and review its policies for on-campus visitors.

Taylor Thompson, a teacher, also offered her resignation.

The board also has introduced new policies for increased oversight on visitors.

According to reporting from the Brookings Regsister, on April 16, Andrew Polly of Brookings was indicted by a grand jury for loitering at Elkton’s school as a registered sex offender.

Elkton School District Superintendent Brian Jandahl wrote to staff and parents on April 18 and stated that Polly was not loitering and that he was invited to speak to a class by a teacher who is an acquaintance of Polly’s. Polly was under direct supervision the entire time he was in the school.

Two weeks after the incident, another staff member identified Polly as a registered sex offender and it was reported. Staff members then contacted the Sheriff’s Office and State’s Attorney. Law enforcement later decided to indict Polly.

According to Jandahl’s letter, the Elkton School District determined that student safety was not compromised by Polly speaking to the students. The district did not see any cause for concern for the ongoing safety of students after they learned that Polly’s offense occurred with a 15-year-old and he was charged at the age of 20, which they acknowledged was still entirely illegal.

Jandahl stated that any assertion the incident was covered up by the school district is false.