Castlewood School District voters approve $6 million bond  (Audio)

October 25, 2023
Mike Tanner

CASTLEWOOD, S.D.–During the lead up to an election you might hear the phrase, “every vote counts” being mentioned.

If you’re a skeptic of that, look no further than Tuesday’s bond referendum in Castlewood.

It needed 60-percent voter approval to pass, and that’s exactly what it got, with not a single vote to spare. There were 315 yes votes, and 210 no votes.

It comes following the defeat of a bond issue last March.

Superintendent Peter Books

The $6 million approved Tuesday comes on top of a $5.6 million insurance settlement following a tornado that ripped through Castlewood school buildings in May of last year.

Books explains how they’ll use this additional money….

The vote results were canvassed by the Castlewood School Board this (Wednesday) morning.