Carbon pipeline related bill gains support of Senate Commerce and Energy Committee  (Audio)

February 16, 2024

PIERRE, S.D.–A carbon pipeline-related bill passed the South Dakota Senate Commerce and Energy Committee 7 to 2 Thursday.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Casey Crabtree from Madison introduced Senate Bill 201….

He said he was trying to balance respect for landowners and the pipeline developers’ need for certainty.

One of the bill’s key components is that it would curtail local input into the process, particularly concerning setbacks. The Public Utilities Commission would pre-empt city and county governments from setting up setbacks.

Even some of the bill’s supporters were less than enthusiastic about it.

Summit Carbon Solutions lobbyist Brett Koenecke.….

Brown County Commissioner Drew Dennert…..

Koeneke had also testified that the federal government pre-empted the state government concerning pipeline safety.

Hand County Commissioner Jim Eschenbaum from Miller disagreed….

Senate Bill 201 now goes to the Senate floor for debate.