Aberdeen NWS office confirms 12 tornadoes in northeast South Dakota, west-central Minnesota

May 19, 2022
Mike Tanner
ABERDEEN, S.D.–The Aberdeen office of the National Weather Service has issued a final report on the severe storms that spawned tornadoes across northeastern South Dakota and west-central Minnesota last Thursday.

A total of 12 tornadoes have been confirmed. The strongest of the 12 was an EF-2 tornado with peak winds estimated at 135 mile per hour that dropped down a mile south of Gary, where a farmhouse lost its roof, along with most of the exterior walls on the main floor of the home.

Other locations for confirmed tornadoes were in:

–The city of Castlewood (EF-2, 120 mph winds)

–Six miles west-northwest of Rauville (EF-1, 110 mph winds)

–Five miles east of Dumont, Minnesota (EF-1, 100 mph winds)

–Four miles sw of Norcross, Minnesota (EF-0, 80 mph winds)

–One mile east-southeast of Tunerville (EF-1, 100 mph winds)

–Seven miles south of Webster (EF-1, 100 mph winds)

–Four miles west-southwest of Thomas (EF-1, 95 mph winds)

–Three miles east-southeast of Estelline (EF-2, 120 mph winds)

–Three miles north of Garden City (EF-1, 97 mph winds)

–Four miles north-northwest of Naples (EF-0, 80 mph winds)

–Five miles north-northeast of Raymond (EF-0, 80 mph winds)