Watertown’s ice arena construction will not require tax hike  (Audio)

March 3, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–With this week’s reveal of drawings of what Watertown’s new ice arena will look like, Mayor Ried Holien says it’s important to revisit the issue of how it’s being paid for.

The city council authorized using up to $20 million in city sales tax revenue to fund construction. There’s no increase in taxes. The tax rate stays the same. But the city is dedicating a portion of the tax collections to build the arena….

In addition to the city funds, a private group called the “Build It Now Committee” hopes to raise another $5 million for arena construction by the end of May…

A large portion of the private funds will come from the arena’s two primary user groups–the Watertown Hockey Association and the Watertown Figure Skate Group.