Watertown School District will examine ways to make up storm days

March 10, 2023

Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–The Watertown School District has missed 7 1/2 days of school due to bad weather this winter, and on Monday night, Superintendent Jeff Danielsen will propose to the school board how those days could be made up.

Here is the proposal:

• 4 Days – Adding 30 minutes per day beginning on Monday, March 20th – Friday, May 26th would add 4 days to the calendar. The school day would be 8:15-3:45 (PK-4 at 3:35) for the
remainder of the school year.

• Transportation routes would begin 15 minutes earlier in the morning and end 15 minutes later in the evening.

• All other morning activities would move up 15 minutes, and after school activities would begin 15 minutes later.

• Should we have a two-hour late start, the new start time would be 10:15 AM.

• Individual buildings will send out additional details if further communication is needed.

• 1⁄2 Day – Our last early dismissal is on Friday, April 21st. Watertown Schools would have a full day of school rather than a 12:30 PM dismissal.

• 2 Days – We would make up the days of May 25th & 26th. May 26th would be a 12:30 PM dismissal for students.

• 1 Day – May 30th would be a staff day only.

*** Since we are probably not finished with winter weather, any additional changes to the calendar would be noted at the April 10th school board meeting.