Watertown police warn of scam involving nude photographs

January 25, 2023
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Watertown police say they’ve received multiple reports of a scam this month involving people who sent nude photographs of themselves to unknown individuals over social media with whom they believed they were in a romantic relationship with.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Barthel says the suspects then threaten to post the nude photos to their followers, family members and friends if they don’t receive the suspects’ money.

Police say in some cases, the individuals will in fact send money, but the suspects will continue to request even more money and threaten to post the pictures.

Locally, Watertown police say there have been cases where over $10,000 has been sent to the suspects to prevent pictures from being posted.

Police say these scams are typically very difficult to investigate and charge through local local enforcement because they typically originate overseas.

The suspects generate fake accounts and gain people’s trust, gain information or photos and then threaten to post those photos if they don’t get money in return.