Walz wants $1,000 rebate checks for Minnesotans

June 20, 2022

ST. PAUL – Governor Tim Walz is pushing to give Minnesotans an even larger tax rebate than the 500-dollar checks he proposed during the legislative session.

State lawmakers left the Capitol without passing tax cuts despite a record budget surplus. Walz, in a Sunday interview, called for one-thousand-dollar rebate checks.

He said Minnesotans need it as inflationary pressures especially on gasoline and food continue to impact people. Walz said it could be a 15-minute special session and a one-page bill. Walz said the state revenue department is prepared and ready to go. The rebate would amount to about two thousand dollars a family.

Republicans opposed the so-called “Walz checks” and wanted permanent tax relief. Senate Majority Leader Jeremy has repeatedly that he’s not interested in a special session.