UPDATE: Watertown School District hoping to put lunchroom issues behind them  (Audio)

December 14, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–The search is on for a new food service director in the Watertown School District following the resignation of Lakeya Maddox Monday night.

She’s been on the job for only a few months, but has been taking heavy criticism from kids and parents over the food, or sometimes lack of it, that’s been showing up on lunch trays.

There have been scores of negatives comments posted on social media, complete with pictures of what’s been served.

Compounding the issue is some school lunchroom employees, tired of the situation, who’ve chosen to quit their jobs.

The school board unanimously accepted Maddox’s resignation Monday night.

The second-longest tenured school board member, Stuart Stein, says during his seven years on the board, this issue has generated more public feedback than just about anything he’s seen…

Stein hopes all the negativity on social media stops…..

Maddox will be on staff through the end of January. Between now and then, the district will search for her replacement. Superintendent Dr. Jeff Danielsen was asked if it’ll be hard to find a food service director in the middle of a school year…

The school district will look to fill an assistant nutrition director position immediately.