Three Minnesota utilities seeking rate hikes

December 21, 2023

ST. PAUL, Minn.– – Temporary rate hikes sought by a handful of utilities in Minnesota are taking effect.

Consumer advocates are still monitoring long-term proposals but do express concern about the timing for ratepayers.

In recent weeks, Minnesota Power, CenterPoint Energy, and Xcel Energy have received the green light from state regulators for short-term rate increases while their permanent request cases are considered. One case deals with electricity service and the other two are for natural gas.

Annie Levenson-Falk, with the Citizens Utility Board, says as these companies address aging infrastructure, proposals can be expected. But she adds that something noteworthy is happening. She says each utility is going to have its reasoning behind its rate hikes, but it’s also important to remember that each of these utilities just received a very recent rate hike within the last year to year and a half, and they are now back for another rate increase.

The Citizens Utility Board is still analyzing the long-term plans to shape its opinion about them, Still, Levenson-Falk anticipates calling for moves that would have minimal impact on customers. As the cases move forward, she calls on consumers to speak up.