South Dakota Dept of Health launching mobile clinics

April 29, 2024

PIERRE, S.D.–The South Dakota Department of Health will be launching its Wellness on Wheels mobile clinics to bring critical healthcare services directly to underserved communities across South Dakota.

The kickoff event, being held this Wednesday, will introduce a range of vital services addressing the diverse healthcare needs of South Dakotans, particularly those facing socio-economical barriers and social determinants of health.

Health Department Secretary Melissa Magstadt says, “the mobile clinics represent a proactive approach to bridging these gaps and ensuring everyone has access to services they need to thrive. By bringing healthcare directly to communities, we aim to improve health outcomes and promote wellness across the state.”

The kickoff event will take place at the Missouri Avenue Event Center in Pierre on May 1, 2024, from 4 – 6 p.m.