Small North Dakota town losing its only grocery store

September 25, 2023

ENDERLIN N.D. (KFGO/KVRR) – Enderlin’s only grocery store will be closing next week.

Residents of the small southeast North Dakota town were shocked to learn that Friday will be the last day for business at Enderlin Super Valu.

Enderlin Mayor Deon Maasjo said he found out about the closing like everyone else did – a sign posted on the door.

The store owner has not said why it’s closing.

Russell Myhre was born and raised in Enderlin.

“There’s a lot of elderly people in Enderlin,” Myhre said. “Not all of the elderly can drive cars. It’s going to be easily 20 to 40 miles to the nearest grocery store after this.”

Myhre said Enderlin has already lost other business, including their pharmacy, and this will make living there harder.

“It is difficult without having a population upon which to base a business model but nevertheless we are going to have to figure out some alternatives,” Myhre said.

Maasjo said they will come together as a community and is working on a plan to replace the supermarket.

“I think with the CDC group and some other private citizens of Enderlin, we’ll come up with a plan of what to do to put in a store,” Maasjo said. “It might be smaller. We just don’t know what that all looks like yet.”