Sen. Greenfield wonders what the end game is to House Bill 1089  (Audio)

February 1, 2021

ABERDEEN, S.D.–Northeast South Dakota legislators gave an update on the session Saturday at a cracker barrel sponsored by the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce.

One of the topics was House Bill 1089, which would require the governor’s office to fully disclose security costs when that governor travels in and out of state.

The issue has been raised this session due to Governor Noem’s extensive travel late last year as she campaigned in numerous states for former President Donald Trump.

State Senator Brock Greenfield of Clark…

There’s language in HB 1089 that has a retroactive component that would require Governor Noem to disclose security costs while stumping for Trump.

Governor Noem was asked about the bill last week. She says she won’t discuss security.