NEW: Jason Redemske running for seat on Watertown City Council  (Audio)

April 14, 2023
Mike Tanner
WATERTOWN, S.D.–Jason Redemske announced today he’s running for a seat on the Watertown City Council.

Redemske is a familiar name at City Hall. He was on the council for two years before losing a re-election bid in June 2021.

Now he wants that job back. He tells KWAT News he’s concerned with some of the turnover he’s seen within city government….

One of the big topics facing the city council these days is whether to build a new City Hall, and if so, where to build it. Redemske was asked about that…

The council is weighing whether to build a new City Hall on South Dakota Highway 20, right next to where a new Street Department building will be constructed.

Redemske is running for the Ward B council seat currently held by Colin Paulsen.