NEW: Deuel School District bus rolls off icy gravel road; three students report possible injuries

March 22, 2023
Mike Tanner

CLEAR LAKE, S.D.–Three students were taken to a local hospital this  morning after a 14 passenger school bus rolled onto its side in Deuel County.

Sheriff Cory Borg says it happened just before 8 o’clock on 471st Avenue, a half-mile south of Highway 212.

The bus met another vehicle and went to the right side of the gravel road. After the vehicles met, the bus was getting back onto the middle of the gravel road when it spun on ice, went into the west ditch, and rolled onto the driver’s side.

There were nine children on the bus. They were taken to a local farmer’s heated shop until law enforcement arrived.

Borg says two students reported possible injuries and were transported to Sanford Clear Lake to be checked out.  The other students were transported to the Deuel School.

A third student reported a possible injury once they got to school, and was taken to Sanford Clear Lake by parents.

The Deuel County Sheriff’s Office and South Dakota Highway Patrol responded to the scene.

The accident remains under investigation.