Legal Advice Without The Price – May 12, 2020

Here is the Legal Advice Without The Price question for May 12, 2020

Dear Ron,

My dad, over a year ago, and I went into a lawyer and started the proceedings to become executor. He had no will. We appointed someone else to be executor. Shortly after that this attorney turned over the estate to another lawyer without our knowledge. The executor turned in all the final paperwork to the lawyer back in February. This lawyer refuses to give us the final accounting. The executor made the comment to us, she felt he was always trying to hide stuff from her. She felt the estate should have been settled. He took it to a judge and asked for a continuance. Our issue is, he keeps telling us to get a lawyer if we want the info. We hired the lawyer that turned it over to him to deal with this estate. Is he not my lawyer? We feel like he is trying to steal from the estate. He has done nothing but avoid us and answer our questions vaguely and says get a lawyer. What is our recourse? Can we fire him? There is no reason this should not be done by now. All property is sold and all funds are in. What should we do?

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