Jackley: Sioux Falls police were justified in shooting knife wielding man

May 3, 2024

PIERRE, S.D.–Attorney General Marty Jackley says a South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation review indicates that Sioux Falls Police Officers WERE justified in shooting a man who was armed with two knives during an incident on April 4th.

It began when Minnehaha County Sheriff Deputies received a mental health detention warrant for 42 yearold Daniel McKillip.

The deputies attempted to serve the warrant to McKillip at his residence in Sioux Falls. The deputies approached McKillip and explained they were there to place him on a mental hold.

McKillip refused to comply and eventually produced two knives.

Negotiations for McKillip to comply with the order to drop the knives continued for about 28 minutes, but he refused to comply. A Sioux Falls Police Officer fired a less lethal round at McKillip. When McKillip began to stand up with the knives in his hand, two Sioux Falls Police Officers fired three lethal rounds at McKillip.

McKillip was taken to a Sioux Falls hospital for treatment of his injuries. After he was discharged from the hospital, he was placed on a mental health detention warrant.