It’s official: Watertown seeks status quo with commercial air service  (Audio)

February 7, 2023
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KWAT)–It’s now official. The city of Watertown is asking the Federal Department of Transportation to maintain the status quo when it comes to commercial air service in the city.

The current carrier, Denver Air Connection, submitted the only bid to serve Watertown. They submitted three options. One would involve a dozen weekly flights to Denver only. A second option would have six flights apiece weekly to Denver and Minneapolis. The third option would be flights split between Denver and Chicago.

City Manager Amanda Mack says the city is recommending that third option….Denver and Chicago. It follows a similar recommendation from the Watertown Airport Board….

Watertown’s air service is federally subsidized under the Essential Air Service program, and City Engineer Heath VonEye says the Minneapolis option would be the less expensive option for the federal government…

Airport Board Chairman Dr. Jerry Rieber says they should hear from Washington D.C. in late March or early April on which routes they choose for Watertown.

Watertown’s current contract with Denver Air Connection expires June 30th.