High plains states dealing with impacts of snow and ice storm  (Audio)

December 27, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A winter storm is pummeling much of the central United States a day after Christmas. An ice storm in North Dakota is sealing windows shut, while blizzard conditions in Denver have led to over 500 delays and 23 cancellations on Tuesday.

Forecasters at the Weather Prediction Center said heavy snow conditions in the Plains should be slowly alleviating.

Whiteout conditions persisted for a good portion of the day. Blizzard warnings were in effect in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. Ice storm warnings were in place for portions of South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Travis Tarver is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Aberdeen, where just under five inches of snow fell…..

Tarver says the weather system brought ice accumulations to northern and northeast South Dakota…

Fargo-based Cass County Electric Cooperative was dealing with power outages resulting from severe ice buildup. More than 100 power poles snapped off in the storm. Repair crews from other co-ops in the region were expected to arrive today (Wednesday), to help begin the process of restoring power to those without it.