Fishing Report for May 4, 2023

May 4, 2023

3 Buck Slough slow slow
Anderson Slough slow slow
Antelope Lake, Day Co. slow slow
Baileys Lake -Clark Co. slow slow
Big Stone Lake slow slow Ice is off the lake.Some shore casting on S.E.end
Bitter Lake slow slow open
Blue Dog Lake slow slow Shorecasting on N.W.area can be good..walleyes.
Brandt lake-Lake co. slow
Brush Lake By Volga slow slow GFP spawned out some big walleyes in this lake!
Bullhead-Deuel County slow slow This smaller lake is good fro spring walleyes.
Casey’s Clark County slow slow Good spring walleye lake.
Cattail Kettle Lake slow
Clear Lake – Deuel County slow slow Good for Northerns & spring Walleyes
Clear Lake-Hamlin County slow slow Pitching jigs from boats to south rocky shoreline,good
Clear Lake-Roberts County slow slow ice
DRY LK.1 CLARK CO fair slow Some walleye limits from shore & boats
Dry Lake – Codington Co slow slow Good lake for spring walleyes.
Dry Lake-2 Clark County slow slow A few walleye limits caught.
Enemy Swim slow slow Good for Bluegills in Spring.
Goose lake-Codington co. slow slow Open for shore casting on N.E.,N.W. & S.W. ends
Grass Lake Codington co. slow slow
Hazelton – Day County slow slow
Highway 81 ponds slow slow Some walleyes caught from shore.
Horseshoe,Day Co. slow slow
Hougie Slough, Day Co. slow slow
Indian Springs – Clark Co. slow slow Very little activity.
Lake Albert slow slow open..partial fish kill
Lake Alice,Deuel Co. slow slow
Lake Campbell-Brookings slow slow Spring catfish lake.
Lake Cochrane-Deuel co. slow
Lake Hendricks slow slow
Lake Henry-Kingsbury slow slow
Lake Herman slow slow
Lake Jessie

Lake John & Lake Mary slow slow dead fish present.
Lake Kampeska slow slow A few walleyes caught from shore by outlet area.
Lake Lily N. of Bradley
Lake Madison slow slow West end is good in spring for shore casting.
Fish Lake,Deuel Co. slow slow Lake has good size walleyes, 3 – 6lbers!
Lake Norden slow slow partial winter kill
Lake Oliver Deuel Co slow
Lake Pelican slow slow Open water for shore fishing.
Lake Poinsett slow slow Stone Bridge area can be good for spring walleyes!
Lake Thompson slow slow Some walleyes caught from shore & boats.
Lake Traverse slow slow Lake does have some,winter kill!!
Long lake-cod county slow slow Lake has a lot of 3 to 6lb.+ walleyes in it!
Lynn Lake & Mid-Lynn fair slow Lake has a lot of 3 to 6lb.walleyes in it! A 2 fish limit!

Missouri River-
Chamberlain good Some limits in 16 to 25ft. jigs & minnows!

Missouri River-Pierre fair Some walleyes caught by bridges.
Missouri River-Whitlock Bay slow

Whitlock Bay is a good Spring,Northern Pike area!!

Minnewasta-Day co slow slow Lake connected to Waubay lake!
Oakwood Lake-Brookings slow slow Lake may have some degree of winter kill!
Opitz-Marshall County slow slow ice
Pepper Slough -Clark Co. slow slow Access limited!
Pickeral Lake slow slow Good Bluegill lake & for walleyes.
Piyas Lake N&E of
Webster slow slow

State access is open on s.w.end.North end needs tribal License

Punished Woman,Cod. Co. slow slow Worth a try for walleyes from shore in the spring.
Rush lakes-Day co.(N & S) slow slow These lake are connected to Bitter & Waubay!
Reetz Slough slow Public access CLOSED on Oct.1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Round Lake,Deuel Co. slow slow Good Northern Pike lake
Roy Lake slow slow ice
Sinai Lake-Brookings Co. slow slow open
South Buffalo slow slow Lots of Northerns in this lake!
Stink Lake-Codington Co. slow slow Lake has keeper size walleyes & perch!
Spirit Lake-Kingsbury Co. slow slow Lake has good walleye numbers, in it.
Swan Lake, Clark Co. slow slow Good spring Northern Pike lake!
Waubay Lake slow slow Grenville grade & N.E end good for spring walleyes.
Whitewood-Kingsbury Co. fair fair A few walleyes from shore.
Wolf slough slow slow
Reed Lake,Clark Co. slow slow
Clear S.Falls slow

Marsh Lake-Hamlin Co. Lake has had a substantial winter kill !