Firearms bills go down in defeat in South Dakota House Committee  (Audio)

February 15, 2024

PIERRE, S.D.–Bills attempting to increase gun owners’ responsibilities to report stolen firearms and to keep firearms secure went down in defeat in a South Dakota House committee Wednesday.

Democrat Rep. Linda Duba from Sioux Falls sponsored House Bill 1153 and House Bill 1174.

1153 would have imposed a reporting requirement if a gun owner lost a gun or it was stolen. 1174 would have required proper storage of a firearm.

Violators would have been fined for committing a petty offense for a violation.

Rep. Duba……

As for the storage of weapons, Duba said it was to help prevent suicides and accidental firings of firearms.

The National Rifle Association, the South Dakota State’s Attorney’s Association, and the South Dakota Sheriff’s Association opposed both bills.

As to reporting gun thefts within 48 hours, lobbyist Brian Gosch with the NRA said that turns victims of crimes into criminals if they fail to report a theft timely.

Plus, they have other concerns……….

The House Judiciary Committee sent both bills to the 41st day, thus killing them.