DUNN:  SDSU Dairy Barn will be closing  (Audio)

January 17, 2024

BROOKINGS,, S.D.–The Dairy Research and Training Facility at South Dakota State University will close by the end of June.

The farm houses about 300 dairy cows, produces milk used by the SDSU Davis Dairy Plant, and is used for research.

SDSU President Barry Dunn (pictured) says they tried to raise money for a new facility and had even received a legislative commitment…

Dunn says the current facility is badly outdated…

Dunn says the dairy plant will buy raw milk from commercial dairies. The plant currently buys milk from the SDSU dairy so it won’t change their finances.

Dunn says students will be able to work at local, modern commercial facilities..

They’ll also be able to continue research by partnering with large dairies in the area.

Dunn says they’ll find jobs at the university for those employed at the facility. The oldest part of the dairy farm will be demolished and they’ll see if the newer part can be repurposed.