Deputies rescue puppy tossed out of stolen vehicle onto interstate

February 3, 2023

ARDEN HILLS, Minn. – Ramsey County. Minnesota Sheriff’s Deputies rescued a puppy that carjackers tossed out of the back door of a stolen vehicle that was being chased by deputies on Interstate 694 in Arden Hills. A white object hit the freeway and rolled into the lanes of traffic. A pursuit intervention technique was utilized on the stolen vehicle and it was stopped. Two suspects who ran have not been found.

On further investigation, including a review of in-car camera video, deputies determined the white object thrown into traffic by the carjacking suspects was a puppy. The following morning, deputies launched a search and found the puppy, alive and hiding in the snow. He was located along the side of the freeway about 50 yards from where he was thrown from the stolen vehicle.

Deputies rushed him to an emergency veterinarian. The puppy, who is less than a year old, had a broken leg and other injuries but is expected to survive. They’ve given the puppy the temporary name of Taho. Taho will remain in the custody of the sheriff’s office and will be fostered by one of the department’s dog-loving employees.

So far, medical costs have totaled $4,500. Ongoing medical costs are estimated to total $7,500. The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Foundation is accepting donations to cover the medical costs for Taho.