As the country continues to battle for control over the COVID-19 virus, Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton, Inc. (CTWSI) and the other 21 public transportation units in the state are dedicated to provide safe and affordable transportation while working diligently to keep staff and riders safe from this virus.

Every location is handling circumstances and situations to the best of their abilities with one thing in mind – SAFETY.

CTWSI asks all users of the transit system to refrain from using our service if they have a cough, have a fever or are experiencing shortness of breath. If they answer yes to these symptoms, we will ask the rider to seek other modes of transportation. Our goal is to continue to transport as many people who need the rides to their desired destination without posing a health threat to other riders and/or drivers.

Our staff is busy cleaning/spraying down the seats, handles and hard surfaces within the buses and vans at the end of each shift. Most vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers for use by the passengers and drivers. We are also doing deep cleaning within the confines of our transit facilities.

Drivers, dispatchers and members of the administrative team – are being asked to stay home if they are sick for any reason and seek medical attention as needed.

All employees are required to practice good hygiene at home and on duty. This includes frequent and thorough washing of hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, use of hand sanitizer as needed and to clean hard surfaces and equipment in the respective offices.

Changes and updates are occurring often so be prepared. As always feel free to call your local transit provider number for details.

Watertown office 605-882-5287
Sisseton office 605-698-7511
Faulkton office 605-228-7938
Redfield office 605-472-1552
Groton office 605-397-8661