Caron makes it official; announces re-election run for Watertown mayor  (Audio)

April 2, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron has made it official: she’s running for re-election.

Watertown elects a mayor on June 15th. 

In a news release issued this morning, the mayor said, “my role as mayor will continue to be my highest priority. I’ve fully supported the change to a City Manager form of government. I have a clear understanding of the differences in the roles between the Mayor and City Manager positions. I stand as the best candidate to facilitate a smooth transition to our new form of government.”

Watertown is in the process of vetting candidates and hiring a City Manager, who will run the day-to-day operations of the city.

Caron has 35 years of experience as a professional engineer. She began working for the City of Watertown in 1997 and was elected mayor in 2017.

KWAT News Director Mike Tanner spoke with the mayor this morning, and began by asking her to point to some major accomplishments in her first four years in office……


The 59 year-old Caron and her husband, Duane, have three grown children.

Other announced candidates for Watertown Mayor are City Council President Adam Lalim and former Assistant City Engineer Colin Paulsen. 

Watertown has eliminated runoff elections, so it’s winner-take-all on June 15th.