Bill to end vaccination requirement for South Dakota students defeated  (Audio)

February 25, 2020

PIERRE, S.D.–A bill to eliminate the vaccination requirement for South Dakota students has been voted down in Pierre.

The bill was heard in the House Health and Human Services Committee. It was defeated on a vote of 10-2. 

House Majority Leader, Lee Qualm of Platte, introduced the bill to remove the requirement for children to be vaccinated before attending South Dakota public or private schools and universities. The state currently allows vaccination exemptions only for students who have weakened immune systems, or who have religious objections.

Testifying in support of the bill was Maya Olson of Watertown. She says it’s a matter of freedom…

Among those speaking against the bill, South Dakota’s Secretary of Health, Kim Malsom-Rysdon… 

Several people testified that vaccines have nearly eliminated, or made far more rare, many deadly diseases including polio, smallpox, diphtheria, measles and others.

Wade Pogany represents the Associated School Boards of South Dakota. He spoke against the measure…

Tuesday’s hearing lasted nearly three hours.

Governor Kristi Noem also came out against the bill. She says vaccines save lives.