Avera expanding mental health services in two South Dakota cities

January 4, 2024

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.–Avera announced on Wednesday that it is planning to expand its behavioral health program in two South Dakota cities, saying it’s needed now because of increasing demand among those who feel they need some assistance in managing their mental health.

Avera first started noticing the increasing need for mental healthcare a couple of years ago, coinciding with the pandemic.

“We’ve continued to see growing volumes in mental health in both Aberdeen and in Sioux Falls,” said Avera Behavioral Health Vice President, Thomas Otten.

Otten said their expansion efforts are building an entirely new mental health facility in Aberdeen with 18 beds. In Sioux Falls, they will complete construction on an already existing space.

More than $7 million will be invested between the two locations, the result of federal and state funding and private donations, including $1.5 million from Dacotah Bank.