Arrow Day Parade winners announced!

October 3, 2022

WATERTOWN, S.D.–The 2022 Arrow Day Parade was held Friday. Winners are as follows:

Most Beautiful Float: WHS Varsity Cheerleaders

Best School Float: Lincoln Elementary

Most Spirited Class of 2022 Arrow Van: Teenage Dream driven by Mrs. Huppler

Best Class of 2022 Arrow Van Theme: Grease driven by Mr. O’Connor

Best Class of 2022 Artistic Van: Minecraft driven by Mr. Young

Royalty Vehicles:

Guardian of Gold and Protector of Purple Candidates
Vehicle #1 driven by Brian Bollinger:
Jack Heesch, son of and Brad and Buffy Heesch, and Kate Luken, daughter of Paul and
Thane Luken

Vehicle #2 driven by Reed Austin
Ryan Roby, son of Don and Kelly Roby, and Elizabeth Olson daughter of Chad and Kathryn

Vehicle #3 driven by Al Christensen
Mark Mahowald, son of Andy and Becky Mahowald and Kendall Paulson, daughter of Mike
and Holly Paulson.
Royalty Winners:

Vehicle #4 driven by Mr. Priest
Our Protector of Purple: JJ Hernandez, son of Joap and Eva Hernandez
Our Guardian of Gold: Jaida Young, daughter of Mike and Robbi Young.

Champion of Arrow’s Candidates warming up on the field
Drew Denzer, son of Julie and the late Jeff Denzer, Jesse Werner son of Erik and Melissa
Werner and the Champion of Arrow’s Kolby Lacher son of Ken and Jenny Lacher.