Zebra mussels found in North Dakota lake that flows into James River

July 10, 2020
Mike Tanner

LaMOURE, N.D.—The North Dakota Game and Fish Department says zebra mussels have been found in Lake LaMoure, and that’s news that’s a concern for South Dakota.

That’s because Lake LaMoure eventually flows into the James River near Oakes and that water eventually makes its way into South Dakota.

Lake LaMoure and the James River in North Dakota’s Dickey County are now considered to be waters infested with aquatic nuisance species.

Emergency rules will go into effect immediately prohibiting any movement of water away from the lake, including water for transferring bait.

Lake LaMoure covers 430 acres, and is a popular destination for boaters and anglers.

The press release from North Dakota’s Game and Fish Department can be found by clicking here: https://gf.nd.gov/news/3955