WST: Deuel and Hamlin/Castlewood struggle at Hamlin Quad

Photo: Getty Images

Brent Nathaniel

HAYTI, S.D. ( — Deuel would go 1-2 and Hamlin/Castlewood would go 0-3 in dual action at the Hamlin Quad Tuesday.

The lone win for Deuel was over Hamlin/Castlewood 25-24. For Hamlin/Castlewood, Carter Jutting (106), Tate Everson (126), Brock Gisselbeck (138) and Michael Stevenson (195) would take home individual titles. Deuel’s Jaxon Quail (113), Korbin Whitley (145), Brian Blachford (152) and Dominic Constant (170) would medal.

Deuel and Hamlin/Castlewood both head to the LCC Tournament on February 5th.

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Deuel 25, Hamlin/Castlewood 24
Flandreau 48, Deuel 6
Howard 54, Deuel 16
Flandreau 60, Hamlin/Castlewood 12
Howard 66, Hamlin/Castlewood 6