WPD warns of online pet scam

WATERTOWN, S.D. (GoWatertown.net) — The Watertown Police Department is warning of an internet pet scam.

The scam uses online pet sales to steal money from unsuspecting people who think their new pet is on the way by airplane to the local airport, when in fact there was never really an animal at all. The scammers deceive would-be buyers by using readily available online photos or by using stolen photos of other people’s pets to represent the non-existent animal. The scammers will continue to try and get more money by telling you that they had to take your pet to the vet so you owe them more money to cover the expenses before they can send the pet.

The WPD asks you to be cautious and use common sense if you plan on buying a pet online. They say even if you get the pet you ordered, you don’t know what kind of living conditions the pet is coming from. Official say if you are buying a pet from a breeder, make sure you meet the breeder, meet the mother and see where she lives. Many people who have purchased pets online find that their new pets are sick and often die from their health problems.