Watertown Superintendent Danielsen says school district dealing with “food acquisition shortage” (Audio)

September 30, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Meal planning for the thousands of students in the Watertown School District has been difficult lately due to a food acquisition shortage.

In August, School District Nutrition Director Lakeya Maddox wrote a letter to parents saying, “we are looking forward to a productive year to ensure our children are provided school meals that meet the highest nutritional USDA expectation.”

That’s been easier said than done.

KWAT News talked about the food shortage with Superintendent Dr. Jeff Danielsen….

Danielsen says because food has been harder to come by, Watertown School District lunchrooms have adjusted how they operate….

Danielsen is asking for patience from students and parents as they work through this difficult issue…

Danielsen says adding to the difficulty is the fact that some students require special nutrional needs based on diets or food allergies.


Hear our full conversation with Dr. Danielsen by clicking below: