March 15, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–There’s been a lot of talk about a spike in heating bills due to last month’s unprecedented cold snap that stretched from North Dakota to Texas.

But in the case of Watertown Municipal Utilities, there’s won’t be a price spike. In fact, there’ll be just the opposite.

General Manager Steve Lehner says the Utilities’ Board of Directors has approved a rebate to residential and small commercial customers.

It’s a $120 rebate that will show up on the April monthly utility bill.

Lehner says Missouri River Energy Services refunded a portion of Watertown Municipal Utilities power supply on March 12th, and the Utilities Board of Directors voted to pass those savings on to customers.

In a news release, Lehner said, ” the past year has been a trying time for individuals and small commercial customers, and we’re pleased to be able to pass the savings on to them.”