Watertown City Council gives Mavericks green light to operate as liquor establishment  (Audio)

July 20, 2020
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.—Maverick’s Steaks and Cocktails has received the green light from the city council to serve alcohol when they open their doors soon.

Mavericks is located on the first floor of the renovated Goss Opera House, which has undergone a nearly five million dollar renovation.

At Monday night’s council meeting, Mavericks was approved for a business license to operate as a liquor establishment.

The council also approved the ownership transfer of an on-sale liquor license from the Goss to Mavericks, as well as a new on-sale malt beverage and wine license for them.

But those last two approvals are pending Board of Adjustment approval at their meeting this Thursday.

City Attorney Matt Roby explained why…

The Goss closed in April 2019.