Watertown City Council discussing service rate hikes at tonight’s meeting

November 2, 2020
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.—The Watertown City Council meets tonight, and the outcome of a pair of agenda items could impact a residents’ monthly budget.

One item would increase the residential garbage collection fee by a dollar a month. Right now, it’s $10.50 a month. If the rate hike is approved, it would take effect January 1st.

A separate agenda item proposes to set a sanitary sewer fee of $27.30 a month per residential household, and a sump pump discharge variance fee of $125 per season.

Some residents whose sump pumps run through the winter months request the variance, which pumps the discharge directly into the sanitary sewer system.

If approved, the adjusted sanitary sewer fee would take effect January 1st, and the sump pump variance fee would be effective in October 2021.